What an amazing thing, that virtually any audiobook in the world can be read to me instantly through these while I eat my dinner.
To celebrate completing the first draft of my next graphic novel I spent a cold, rainy and memorable night at Edgefield. Watching Dune (for the third time) from the balcony of their little theater, exploring the halls of their renovated building, resting in my room, and floating in their winding soaking pool.
The first draft of Incredible Doom Vol. 2 is due to my editor tomorrow. My list of tweaks to make to the is currently 111 items long. Let’s see how today goes.
Tried to post a chart to using the iOS app. It appeared to crop off the results. Remade the chart. Couldn’t select it from camera roll due to iOS permissions. Tried sunlit. Sunlit ignored the crop I’d intentionally made of the chart in photos app. Gave up.
Having stress dreams about things that don’t actually happen in my upcoming book. “Oh no! Why am I just now realizing, days before the deadline, that a mechanical horse and time travel are totally inconsistent with the tone of the book?”
Spent the day not feeling well, but took a long nap and then managed to get a little work in. I think I’m really close to sending Vol. 2 Chapter 2 to my editors. 🤞
Puppy and I watched “Hard Days Night” for the first time. 🍿
Did something I’d never done before today. I found my book in a book store and asked if they’d like me to sign it. So now there are three signed copies of Incredible Doom at the Barnes and Noble in Bridgeport Village in Tigard, OR. One of them also has a drawing in it
Currently reading: The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy by Chris Bailey 📚
Finished reading: Stone Fruit by Lee Lai 📚 This graphic novel is beautiful. So heartbreaking and well observied. I’m thrilled. Lee takes some wonderful artistic risks that really pay off.
The window art on Books With Pictures is fantastic at the moment.
Found my book at Powell’s books today and I didn’t even put it there.